Dezintegratoare pentru medii lichide, mori coloidale

The liquid media disintegrators are used for emiulsifing, homogenizing and suspenzing of liquids that contain solid components or of liquid media consisting insoluble components (fat and water, fat and alcohol, petrol and water etc.). The disintegrators are used in the chemical industry (for homogenizing of petrol products, grease etc.), in the cosmetic industry (for cosmetic emulsions), in food processing industry (for homogenizing of fruit juices, sauses etc.) The specialists of company have developped several types liquid media disintegrators:

  • one-stage – DTS-90, DTS-350, DTS-2000
  • three-stage– DTS-3000, DTS-6000
  • disintegrators type “Homix”
  • colloid mills
  • turboemulsifiers
Model Capacity,l/h Revolutions, r.p.m Installed power, rounds/minute Overall dimensions, mm
DTS-4 4 3000 0,75 500х300х750
DTS-90 1500 3000 3 530х200х300
DTS-350 3500 3000 5,5 700х400х500
DTS-2000 14000 3000 22 1500х500х850
DTS-3000 30000 3000 15 1100х340х330
DTS-6000 60000 3000 45 1800х450х495

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